TNC Insulated Bulkhead Jack to Jack Adaptor True 75 Ohm 12Ghz


TNC True 75 ohm 12Ghz Straight Insulated Bulkhead Jack to Jack adaptor suitable for applications up to 12GHz
** Now Tested to 18Ghz **

TNC connectors are a screw lock coupling version of the BNC connectors.  The screw coupling enables TNC to be used at higher frequencies and in harsh environment situations.  Widely used for antenna connections, TNC have many applications in avionics, defence, communications and general industrial markets.  50 ohm TNC are also available.


Electrical Specification
Impedance 75 Ohm
Frequency Range Up to 18GHz
Dielectric Withstand Voltage 1500 Veff
Insulation Resistance 5000 M-Ohm
Mechanical Specification
Design Standard IEC 61169-8
RoHS Compliant Yes
Mating Cycles 500
Contact Retention 10N min
Cable Retention 50N min
Weight 16.75.g
Mating Force 13.6N max
Un-Coupling Force 13.6N max
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature -35 to +70 Deg C
IP Rating ( Mated ) IP64
Centre Contact Beryllium Copper
Outer Contact Brass
Insulator PTFE
Insulation ABS
Locking Washer Beryllium Copper Nickel Plated
Hwx Nut Brass Nickel Plated
Centre Contact Plating Gold
Outer Contact Plating Gold
Pack Size 1

Suitable for Cables in Group N/A - full cable information available here.

No specific cables are associated with this connector

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Performance Data available on request, please contact COAX
Return Loss
3Ghz -28.db
4.5Ghz -25.8db
6Ghz -24.db
9Ghz -23.db
12Ghz -33db
18Ghz -12.7db


General Notes CD 0015


Castle Nut 100-075
Castle Nut Spanner 96-1140


Interface Dimensions C-TNC-75
Data Sheet 13 503 B126 REV A00 1
General Notes CD 0015

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